Alanoud Soud: These are the Most Challenging Characters

A message to all her fans
By Vanessa Haber
09 Jun,2020

She is a Saudi actress since 2010, who paved her way to fame, against all odds, as pursuing an acting career was a bold choice for a Saudi woman at the time. However, Alanoud Soud was able to become a known actress in Saudi drama. We talked to her about the most challenging roles she played throughout her career and she told Special Arabia which Arab actress she admires the most.


Define 3 words to describe yourself and tell us why you chose them?

Actress: Because I love acting, and I can’t imagine my life not as an actor.

Enthusiastic: Because I can achieve whatever I want.

Optimistic: Because the future is bright.


How did you manage to become a female Saudi actress? Who supported you and who was against your decision?

No one stood in my way, but some people believed in me and my talent. Thus, I am here now.


How do you approach negative comments or criticism?

I take the good and useful comments from positive criticism. As for the negative, I don’t see it nor take it into consideration.


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Which character was the most challenging for you, why?

"Malak" character in "Dahaya Halal" series was a challenge for me, because I was playing the role of a mother; the experience was newas I am not a mother and never experienced motherhood in real life. However, my goal was to convince the audience that I am a mother, which was a challenge for me. The series will be shown soon on “Shahid” platform. Also, the character of "Shams" in "Banat Al Moulakama" series was challenging, because of the character’s rich status and I had to show all its aspects.


Tell us more about the role you’re playing in “Baada Hin” series.

My character in “BaadaHin” series is called “Khouloud”; she represents the smart Arab woman who has a strong personality, but she is very affectionate at the same time, she is successful in her life and does not give in to defeat.


Which Arab actress you admire the most and why?

My close friend Mila Al-Zahrani; I really enjoy working with her, and I like every role she plays in any given series because she knows how to act and moves swiftly from tragedy to comedy. In fact, I find her acting, a new beginning for Saudi actresses.




How did Covid-19 affect your work?

Coronavirus has changed the whole world in general, and my work was clearly affected. Shooting, moving and finding a location…all of this was disrupted and we had to adapt to new ways of filming, with the pandemic and the lockdown. However, we were able to manage everything, even though it was not easy at all.


Name one beauty brand and one fashion brand you love the most.

I am a friend of all brands, though I follow this concept in shopping: the product has to grab my attention and find its way to my heart, therefore there’s no specific brand I like more than the other.


What message would you give to your fans?

My fans are everything to me and I am the happiest when I read and see their reactions. I feel proud and happy when they are pleased with my work. I appreciate so much the persons who follow me and make me eager to give my best. I tell them: I love you to the moon and back, you are my family.