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3 Limited Edition Lipstick Shades from Gucci

Inspired by Hollywood’s golden age
By Hala Fayyad
29 Jul,2020

 “Lipstick is the most beautiful object you can find inside a handbag,” said Michele. “It is the most fascinating because it has always had a beautiful scent — we made Gucci lipsticks perfumed with violet. Lipstick also symbolises of the world of cinema, and all of the famous lips from Hollywood,” says Alessandro Michele


Following the success of Rouge à Lèvres Satin lipstick launch, Gucci Beauty added three limited edition colors to this collection. The shades, which were specifically designed by Alessandro Michele to complement the collection with the new elegant satin colors, are inspired by Hollywood stars during the golden age with their lips expressing sensuality aspects, attractiveness and inspiration. The three new colors, starting from orange to red and pink, give a touch of freshness and vitality to a summer makeup look and will be available as of July 2020.

Rouge à Lèvres Satin lipstick, with its soft creamy texture and intense color, gives the perfect long-lasting finish, while making the lips soft, smooth and light with a comfortable feeling.



Packaging and color range

Commenting on the lipstick tube design, Michele said: “I thought back to the lipsticks I saw in my life and to when I was little. My Mum’s lipstick was always inspired by the 1950s. I wanted to give it the most powerful meaning, which is fitting for Hollywood divas and the mythology of cinema, who first put the lips in the spotlight.”

The limited-edition lipstick tubes come in a vintage-inspired design, interwoven with the house’s signature motifs. They come in a metallic turquoise tube decorated with art deco etchings drawn by Alessandro Michele himself.



Rouge à Levres Satin Limited Edition collection consists of the following three colors:

309 The Girl From Paris Rouge à Lèvres Satin

410 No More Orchids Rouge L Lèvres Satin

512 Maggie Scarlet Rouge L Levres Satin