Let your skin glow!
31 May,2016

Don’t you just hate it when it’s summertime and you want to look refreshed and colorful, but your face is just too dry or sunburnt? Check out our tips and trick for a glowing, healthy skin this summer!

Use a primer

It sucks when your flawless makeup is completely ruined because of the hot weather! But no worries, we have it all figured out: use a primer to gives your makeup something to hold on to, making it stay longer. This way, you get to reapply less frequently.

Stay moisturized

Healthy skin is a happy skin, so don’t be afraid to moisturize; apply a light moisturizer to protect your skin from being sunburnt. Remember that oil-free or non- comedogenic moisturizers are always a great choice!

Aloe Vera, obviously!

Aloe Vera is your best friend throughout summer: it’s a known anti-inflammatory that also provides moisturizing relief. This product will calm and soothe your skin in case you get sunburnt.