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5 New Beauty Products to Help Welcome Fall

By Samar Maatouk
23 Sep,2021

Whether on catwalks, on Instagram or among beauty enthusiasts, every season showers us with tons of new beauty trends giving us the opportunity to revamp our vanity bag. And with the cooler weather being right around the corner and coziness at its best, it’s time to pamper yourself and welcome the seasonal shift with the best beauty essentials we unveiled for you for fall 2021.


L'Eau de Mousse by Chanel

Chanel knows best how to fulfill every woman’s wishes.With L’Eau de Mousse self-foaming cleanser, get ready for an addictive sensory experience! Surprising and playful in texture, ultra-gentle and subtly scented, L’Eau de Mousse will become an essential part of your beauty routine, day after day. Suitable for all skin types, this light micellar water transforms (in just one pump) into a luxurious foam that purifies the skin, all while preserving its natural barrier. Perfectly clean, the skin is comfortable and looks luminous.


L'Eau de Mousse by Chanel



L’Art & La Matière Collection by Guerlain

L’Art & La Matière is a collection of olfactory masterpieces mastered by the House of Guerlain Perfumer for true lovers of all things beautiful, elevating fragrance to the rank of art. Echoing that irrepressible love of beauty, the very spirit of the House of Guerlain since its founding, L’Art & La Matière fragrances is a collection rich with emotions.The best of it? You can design the L’Art & La Matière bottle in your own style, choosing from a host of elegant combinations to transform it into your own companion, intimately personal in each and every touch.  


L’Art & La Matière Collection by Guerlain



L’Intégral Anti-Âge Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum by Sisleÿa

With a global action at the surface of the skin and deep down to reveal complexion radiance, L’Intégral Anti-ÂgeRadiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum offers a complete action to restore skin radiance and evenness by reducing the appearance of dark spots and shadows that dull the complexion. The serum also includes soy peptide extract and adenosine that work together to restore the skin's luminosity while oat seed extract contributes to a smoother textured skin.


L’Intégral Anti-Âge Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum by Sisleÿa



Amethyst Haze by Herrera Confidential

Unleash your creativity with Amethyst Haze, a deep and intoxicating scent inspired by the precious amethyst stone. The newest addition to the Herrera Gems line, this fragrant tribute to amethysts evokes the ingenuity, imagination and dedication required to transform any idea into a jewel-like object of desire. Whether you are crafting an amethyst, a fragrance or any creative endeavour, Amethyst Haze will ignite your imagination with its hypnotic aroma and lustrous, deep purple hue.


Amethyst Haze by Herrera Confidential



#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel by Huda Beauty 

Achieve full, feathered-looking brows with #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel, a new game-changing nourishing brow gel by Huda Beauty. It’s formulated to add instant fluff-factor to your brows in seconds, thanks to the powerful combination of a flexible, yet long-lasting gel which is applied with a precise, product-maximizing wand. The result? Full, fluffy, natural-looking brows that hold in place without being flakey or stiff. 


#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel by Huda Beauty