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The Claw Clip is the New Must-Have Hair Accessory This Summer

By Christina Jaber
28 Jul,2021

Hair accessories can take your whole look to another level, even the simplest designs.

The pandemic changed a lot of our habits and we became addicted to comfy and casual looks, and after more than a year of lockdowns and a work from home routine, opting an overall casual sense of style is normal, so the claw clip is the hair accessory that will let you have the easy yet it-girl approved hairstyle in seconds.

The hair accessory we’ve been spotting on every celebrity’s hair this summer is straight back from the nineties: say hello to the hair claw clip.

Last year, it was all about headbands and pearl hair clips, and scrunchies were (and still are) in style, so we have claw clips for summer 2021.

Top models and fashion trendsetters Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been wearing the claw clips on a daily basis in their looks and they have been styling it perfectly.



Keep scrolling and check what styles and designs they opted for.


To team her grey soft cardigan and her black rectangular sunglasses, Kendall Jenner opted for a black 90s claw clip, exactly the same as the one spotted on Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) in Friends, and middle parted her hair with a curtain bang. 


Kendall Jenner - Claw Clip

 Kendall Jenner


As for the Palestinian-American runway queen Bella Hadid, she opted for a longer and thinner one in black and also with black sunglasses. She made sure her hair is sleek to the back. 


Bella Hadid claw hair clip

Bella Hadid


American model and actress Kaia Gerber also matched her claw clip with her sunglasses, but she went for an animal print black and brown duo for the sunglasses and the claw clip. 


Kaia Gerber claw hair clip

Kaia Gerber


The Spanish activist and music composer Marta Lozano also hopped on the trend. She chose a smaller version of the banana-shaped claw clip and in off white with black spots, like a beautiful print. 




Lebanese influencer Karen Wazen went for an XXL version of the claw clip, choosing it in a nude tone and paired it with casual black pants, a crop top in gold color and shell clip earrings.