Bella Hadid reveals “two ovens in the oven”

Cuteness Overload!
By Hala Fayad
16 Sep,2020

Since American model Gigi Hadid announced her pregnancy, Bella has been giving us hints on her excitement levels.

This time, Bella shared over Instagram a picture of her and Gigi standing side by side and cradling their bullies, and captioned it:

“Two buns in the oven except mine is from my burger and Gigi’s is from Zayn. I love you both so freaking much - can’t stop crying”.



Stars like Ashley Graham showed love on the post as Bella and Gigi’s fans also commented spreading positive vibes for the Hadid family.

Gigi, has announced earlier in April her pregnancy, and on the 16th of July, she unbuttoned her pajama top and turned to the side so that fans could see her baby bump in a live instagram video. And since then, the mom-to-be has been staying at her mother Yolanda's farm in Pennsylvania as she’s taking care of her pregnancy.