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The Croissant Bag
A Trend To Savor This Season

By Vanessa Haber
24 Feb,2020

One of our New Year’s resolution is to stop consuming fast, sugary, sweet food, to help get rid of those extra pounds we gained last year, especially before the beginning of spring- summer season.

Can you imagine how hard is it to resist the French pastry stuffed with chocolate?

No worries ladies, our New Year’s resolution might face some changes, as the fashion industry satisfied our appetite with a croissant-looking shoulder bag. Well, it’s better than nothing. The good news is that the “Croissant Bag” will be a trend that defines 2020. 

It is a shoulder bag called "Croissant", as it resembles the famous delicious French pastry, with its crescent appearance and the folds that adorn it. BottegaVeneta fashion house was the first to lead the “Croissant Bag” trend.  The brand's creative director, Daniel Lee, introduced it under the name of “the Shoulder Pouch” which is an evolution of the iconic Pouch, during its spring-summer 2020 collection. The “Shoulder Pouch” are designed in leather in nude colors such as white, beige, gray and sandy colors.
Staud also designed a bag shaped like a croissant named “Moon Bag”, which is recognizable by its crescent shape, also, it comes in different colors.


Rosie Huntington Whitely in BottegaVeneta's Shoulder Pouch

This trendy bag will add a feminine modern twist to your everyday look. Check Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s casual looks, where she used the “Croissant Bag” in black to make her look more yummy”. She styled her black BottegaVeneta’s Shoulder Pouch with 2 outfits: The first with nude colors and the second with black outfit from head-to-toe.
You can style it your way.