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This accessory will level up your facemask

Mark your own style
By Hanane Tabet
17 Aug,2020

From function to fashion, face masks are one of the flourishing fashion trends of 2020. What started as a means of protection has since been gaining steady popularity in the fashion world with all the new options available, allowing customers to express their creative flare via their face mask. Aquae Jewels want to bring some glitz and glam to the faces of the Middle East and have launched their own sparkly pins to attach to face masks.


Aquae Jewels, who are best known for their gorgeous and dainty designs, have promised their pins will be nothing less than fabulous to bring a dash of luxury to the basic face mask. With over 19 different styles to choose from, all the pins are made from 18k pure gold and diamond. To bring the personalization level up a notch, customers can order a pin in every letter of the alphabet in both English and Arabic. Now customers can really make their mark, not only with their fashion style but also with their face mask.


The variety of the pins Aquae Jewels provide will have customers spoiled for choice allowing them to alter the pins daily depending on their outfit of the day. With each pin purchase customers will also receive a silk mask of their choosing which come in a range of over 10 colours including light pink, fushia and green to name just a few. No outfit will clash anymore with the variety of unique pin designs Aquae Jewels have on offer.





Aquae Jewels know that although face masks are the must have fashion accessory in 2020, this may become dated in a few months. To make sure your pins stay forever timeless Aquae Jewels are offering to turn your gorgeous pins into charms for a bracelet, free of charge when purchasing 5 pins.

All pieces are handmade with love in the heart of Dubai. Being available exclusively on the brand offers worldwide shipping at the click of a button, straight to your doorstep.