Carla makes her show

The chameleon-like TV hostess.
By Janine Ayoub
06 May,2016

Being yourself gives you confidence; in fashion as well as in beauty, Carla Haddad applies this precept without however being conceited and cocky. Divine but not a diva, true to herself, the chameleon-like TV hostess takes her career and her private life very seriously. The beautiful blonde returns with a new show, The Comedy, which reveals some very talented actors. Interview.


What does it make you feel to reconnect with the world of comedy in The Comedy, since you made your debut as a comedian?
Fame is only temporary and the field of comedy in particular is rather ungrateful, the public quickly forget famous faces, and tends to move on swiftly. In my case, it's Carla the presenter that everyone knows at the moment. I'm in this business, the show has become a part of me and I adapt to all kinds of topics, from DWTS to The Comedy. What's mostly important for me is that I am comfortable with what is proposed and that the public adheres; the only thing that matters to me is not to disappoint the people who love me.


What's the experience you gained with DWTS?
Everything we accomplish in our lives gives us something that adds up to our experiences; DWTS has given me a lot, and I cannot deny the impact that Ya Lel Ya 3en had on my career, or Carlala, Mouni3a fi loubnan, all the different theater plays I've attended...


The show you've always dreamed of presenting?
I learned with time that it's not the production that makes the show, it's the description and how much the host can offer. I have no particular show in mind; I'd rather stay in the world of television and improve myself with every experience. I still have so much to give.

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