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Pain-Free High Heels?

It’s possible!


Pain-Free High Heels?

Whenever we wear high heels, we can literally feel our feet crying for help. We eventually give up and spend the end of the evening in flats. Have you ever wondered how celebrities can walk the red carpet for hours in those extra high high-heels and not feel a thing? No, they’re not from outer space; they’re just smarter than us.
A true diva always looks good no matter the circumstance. But in order to do that, they should first feel comfortable. Their trick is very simple: just wear a size bigger! This way, you can let your feet breathe as well as avoid blisters and swelling. Most of them opt for a maxi dress to hide their feet, because let’s face it; it would be weird if someone notices that you wear shoes that don’t fit.
Another trick we have to learn from Hollywood stars: place silicone pads inside the pumps to keep your over sized shoes on.
Take a look at the celebrities who use this effective method.