The next Instagram trend is here

And we’re not really sure how to feel about it…


The next Instagram trend is here

If you’re avoiding the engagement ring-size and price struggle, we think we might have found just the right solution for you: ladies, put your own twist on the tradition with the engagement piercings.

Piercing professionals call this trend a "finger dermal". Instead of wearing the classical engagement ring, the diamond is literally embedded in your finger. As you can imagine, the procedure is a little bit painful since a small portion of the skin will be removed. Medical professionals have also issued some concerns about the intervention but hey, people are doing it!  Note that the piercing won’t last very long since the gem can’t stay in place based on how active we are with our hands.

Although in the long run, you’re better off owning an actual engagement ring, the piercing idea might be your on-the-go solution!