Are you ready for a Stiletto-Crocs Combo?


Are you ready for a Stiletto-Crocs Combo?

How crazy would it be if a haute couture brand teaming up with a, well, basse couture one? Well, they already did! Balenciaga joined forces with... Crocs! Can you imagine the result? It's not moon boots, nor is it anything like Ugg leggings, and the Donald Trump shoes already exist. Even more surprising: they're launching brand new bright pink rubber pumps! Yes, this happened.

Balenciaga revealed some sneak peak images of their new collaboration with Crocs. On the shoes were added adorable pins of cats, the Eiffel Tower, the German flag, shooting stars and other small details that make this collaboration even more unconventional.

Amazing fashion discovery or huge fashion faux pas? It's for you to decide.