Slogan T-shirts

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Helena Saadeh


Slogan T-shirts

In a world where expressions are translated through art, designers have found a way to project their statements and beliefs through fabrics on the runway. Slogan T-shirts remain the most powerful tool of fashion propaganda because they are easily spread among people. Here’s our top five:

Lana EL Sahely- PWR

Lebanese blogger and fashion influencer, Lana El Sahely has her own shop in which she sells very trendy items. Among them, from the “La Terre est Folle” collection, we found the black power pink neon shirt that goes with any occasion!

Dior- Paris Fashion Week 2018

C'est Non Non Non et Non! Tired of everyone asking you to drop that fashion attitude? just wear that knitted slogan shirt from Dior and it will do the rest.  Dior played it right as the brand launched this collection which helped widen their fan-base across the globe. You can match too this shirt with anything, and it will give you and additional cozy feel. 

Creatures of comfort- we are all human beings

A political statement in a Fashion show! The model was wearing a long-sleeve net shirt under the slogan-T with a trouser and a matching blazer wrapped on her waist. Not only her shirt gave a statement but her whole outfit too.

Zoe Karssen- crème de la crème

I mean, it doesn’t get creamier than this, but Beyoncé wore it! If Queen B -a fashion icon- wore something then it must be a closet necessity. Only the best of the best know how to match slogan shirts with jeans, matching-color shoes, a beanie, and of course for the paparazzi, sunglasses.

Victoria Beckham- fashion stole my smile

If you ever wondered why Victoria Beckham never smiles, well, it’s because fashion stole it from her. Until she finds it again, we are always waiting for Beckham’s new trends and comfy stylish looks to bring smiles to our face, at least.