Winter Parties: What to wear?

For all the occasions you encounter

Helena Saadeh


Winter Parties: What to wear?

For partying like never before

Sick of all the work and studies? it’s time to be sexy and wild with outfits such as Maison Francesco Scognamiglio’s runway style. Show some skin with a matching bra and skirt covered by a leather jacket. The wet hair style is perfect for this style and smoky eyes are a must for a killer look.

For a fancy date night

Smooth hair and messy patterns, make sure you don’t mix it up! For a fancy date night, combine class with comfort and wear a low-neck short dress styled with an oversized jacket. Elie Saab showed us the perfect example of a perfectly pulled outfit.

For a wedding night

Winter is for some the perfect season for weddings, so you have to be prepared. Ralph & Russo offered us on the runway the dreamiest dress that will make anyone stand out in every occasion. The uneven layers, the simple sparkles, the dots and the shapes are perfectly blended into a long dress that does not need to be accessorized anymore.

For a work dinner

A formal gathering requires a formal attire. This Ronald Van Der Kemp dress has got us all heart-eyed all over it. First, it has pocket so it’s very practical! Black is a fancy color and you can avoid a faux pas in the midst of many workaholics. The style is simple and classy. The necklace added gave it a collar look which relates to the formality of the event.

For a gathering with friends

This one is all about comfort. Valentino brought back the slicked back hair and loose ankle boots with a pastel look. The secret of this plain look lies within the makeup. Check out the great green eyeliner, done in an Amy Winehouse style. 

For an extravagant party

Lady in red and distinguished from the crowd. Zuhair Murad’s iconic style will always make any lady special with the embroideries, shapes and details of the dress. The low-neck sexy dress is meant to keep you flirting all night long. For a balanced look, go with a soft makeup style.