Fashion: The 80’s are back

Here are our best outfits

Helena Saadeh


Fashion: The 80’s are back

Micro Skirts

Spring is knocking on the doors and we might as well answer it with a little skin showing from the cuts and short outfits. Micro skirts are back and one of the first designers to show it is Alexander Wang, inspired by Axl Rose. The upper side of the outfit is big and puffy will the lower on is tight and short.

Chain Belts

Chanel brought back this stylish funky trend and we were the first ones to love it and share it with you. This accessory helps stylize your attire in a more fashionable way and make you look more up to date in the beauty industry.

Metallic Glam

Everything was extra in the 80’s! the hair, the makeup, the neon colors, and the fabrics. But the one thing that was crazier was the design of the dress. You’ll notice a lot of metallic vibes added to the outfit.

Leopard Prints

What speaks 80’s more than leopard and animal prints? Dive into the old times with a glimpse of wilderness and freedom. Not only animal prints are in, but so are the wide shoulder pads and crazy cuts. You can mix and match prints now and look fabulous.