M.A.C makeup inspired by an Arab Princess

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Helena Saadeh


M.A.C makeup inspired by an Arab Princess

Who has not dreamed of looking like a 1001 night princess? Tanned complexion, rosy lips and intense eyes  ... The dream has become reality since M.A.C announced on his Instagram the launching of a make-up collection inspired by the world of Aladdin. Inspired by the independence and strength of Jasmine, M.A.C Cosmetics announced on Instagram the release of a make-up collection dedicated to the famous Disney princess.But what does the makeup of the oriental princess look like?  A fuchsia bright lipstick, a palette of hot iridescent matte eyeshadows and a sun-kissed blush for sunny days. All wrapped in a packaging that is reminiscent of Jasmine's famous outfit: golden and emerald green upgraded by a pink oriental fresco for the girly touch. A collection that was released on May 16, in time for the film Aladdin meanwhile scheduled for May 24.