Joséphine Japy in Lebanon

Helena Saadeh


Joséphine Japy in Lebanon

During the Avant premiere of her movie “Mon Inconnue”, Josephine Japy humbly stole the spotlight this Tuesday in ABC Ashrafieh. In an exclusive interview with her, Japy talked about the movie (which we highly recommend by the way) and about her experience in Beirut.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Josephine Japy, I’m 25 years old, born in Paris. I started acting when I was 10. Besides my acting career, I did my undergraduate degree at “Sciences Po” Lyon and my Master’s degree at “Sciences Po” Paris. 

Tell us about your new movie “Mon Inconnue”?

“Mon Inconnue” is a romantic comedy about a couple who fell in love in high school. Raphael wants to be a Sci-Fi writer and Olivia wants to be a famous pianist. She supported the success of her husband so much that at some point Olivia, my character, is ignored totally by the love of her life. One day, they have a huge fight and Raphael wakes up in a world where he never met Olivia 10 years ago. The movie is about making that woman who doesn't know his name fall in love with him all over again. 

How was your relationship with the other actors on set?

I love them so much! It’s like my family.  I know we say that a lot, but I really had a great relationship with the director Hugo Gélin and actor Benjamin Lavernhe and I already knew François Civil. The great connection was reflected on the set in a great way, especially since this is a rom-com movie. 

What is your favorite role in all your career?

I have many for different reasons. I loved “Respire” which is more dramatic since I felt like growing on the set and learning a lot. And I loved acting for “Mon Inconnue” for the friendships I made on set and since I had to be a pianist in the movie, I had to take piano classes five times per week for four months.

How much should you change in your own character to be able to play a role?

I think that every role is based on the deep aspects of our personality. However, the power is to transform them in a way that makes us find ourselves a second nature. It is to separate from what we are used to doing and finding a second personality, to manipulate who we are able to be. We have to deeply love the people and the differences we have in this world. 

Your advice for women who want to have a career in acting?

It’s so difficult because there are many people who say there is only one advice one tip, but in fact, I don’t know. You should never say that it is unreachable because it is. We all have our small devices, our phones, we can all now make a short scene or movie and share it on social media. Most importantly, you have to fight for your dreams and keep on working and LOVE it deeply.

Did you like Lebanon?

This is my first time in Lebanon, I hope I can discover Beirut more and I felt love at first sight when I came. I came on Monday. When I reached my room I texted my whole family and friends saying how incredible Beirut is. We know where our next vacation spot will be!