Elissa & Lady Gaga to Release Upcoming music

New albums soon!

Vanessa Haber


Elissa & Lady Gaga to Release Upcoming music

Coronavirus didn’t prevent stars from releasing their upcoming projects, while working from home of course. It’s probably the best time to release a new song or an album, something to entertain people who have been locked down for a month now or even more.

Elissa surprised her fans by announcing a new song release from her upcoming album, without mentioning its name or anything. She tweeted: “I will drop a single very soon, even sooner than you expect, but don’t be pushy!! Just wait for the updates in the coming days”.


As for Gaga’s little monsters, they are impatiently waiting for the upcoming release of “Chromatica” album. Although Lady Gaga released “Stupid Love” music video earlier on YouTube, however the full album will be available on Spotify on April 10th.