Tips to Take care of yourself during lockdown

Don’t wait until your next beauty appointment

Marion Louis / Madame Figaro


Tips to Take care of yourself during lockdown

With the ongoing lockdown, it is yet time to take care of yourself at home, instead of waiting until your next beauty spa appointment. We will guide on how to take care of your beauty and body with these interesting tips.

Moisturized hands

With the constant hand washing and hand sanitizers, your hands are probably dry right now. It is important to apply a moisturizing hand cream and massage your nails every night using vegetable oil or olive oil. As for the nail polish, opt for the trendy green pastel color, or mandarin. 

Californian Tan

It is also important to take care of your body, and why not having a wonderful tan at home? Exfoliate your body well, then moisturize it thoroughly. To self-tan at home, use the new spay Fée-Moi Dorer  from Garancia or Marc Jacobs Beauty Bronzing Body Balm with coconut. 

Detox your Body 

To get rid of body toxins, it is recommended to add nutmeg and fennel to your daily food or drink them once or twice a week for ten days. Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. As the fennel purifies the body and helps in digestion.