Tips to get a Sexy Tan Faster & Safer

They will speed-up the process

Vanessa Haber


Tips to get a Sexy Tan Faster & Safer

Most of us love to get a sexy tan during summer in the fastest way possible, but long sun exposure holds many negative effects and risks, including skin cancer. Always remember that it’s impossible to get a safe long-lasting tan instantly, within a day, but some tricks can speed up the process in a healthy and safe way.

How we can get a great tan in the summer, faster and without risks when exposed to the sun? Here are some useful tips for getting a tan faster while taking some precautions to prevent sunburn and UV damage.


Tanning oil with SPF

Do not ignore applying sunscreen that contains SPF 30, because it is sufficient to protect you from sunlight damage, yet ensures you get tanned safely. Also, do not use tanning oil that does not contain sun protection factor. Some oils such as avocado, coconut and carrots can be used to get extra dose of hydration and SPF protection.


Change positions frequently

Changing your tanning positions while lying on a long chair helps you avoid sunburns on a specific part of your body. So don't just lie on one side all the time, turn around and expose other areas to the sun.


Foods rich in beta-carotene

Foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, kale can help you tan without burning. Some studies showed that beta carotene can help reduce sun sensitivity for people with photosensitive diseases.


Eat foods rich in lycopene

These foods include: tomato, guava and watermelon. A 2011 study found that lycopene helps protect the skin naturally against UV sunlight.


Set a time for tanning

You shouldn’t be tanning all day long. If your goal is to get a tan quickly, choose your tanning time between noon and 3 pm, because the sun is stronger at this time. However, you should be very careful at this time, and take all precautions mentioned above. As for extremely fair skin, it’s best to tan in the morning or after 3 p.m. to avoid burning.


Take a break

If you are spending the day at the beach, remember to spend some break time in shade. Taking breaks will make it less likely for you to burn, and it will give your skin a break from the intense heat.


Prepare your skin before tanning

Preparing your skin before tanning can help your tan last longer. Therefore, the skin should be exfoliated before tanning. Skin that hasn’t been exfoliated is more likely to flake off. Also, use an aloe vera gel after tanning to help your tan last longer.