5 Types of Hair Damage and How to Treat Them

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Vanessa Haber


5 Types of Hair Damage and How to Treat Them

Hair problems seems to never end, and you feel as if you are constantly trying to find the best treatment with hair care products such as masks, serums and conditioners, or perhaps a mixture of natural ingredients that give you healthy hair and restores its glowy smooth texture. Even if you’re taking precautions and avoiding any harm to your hair, you might still notice some hair damage signs making your hair dry and brittle. If you notice that your hair is lacking shine, moisture or density, then it is time to discover the problem and work towards the best solution.


What are the types of hair damage and how to treat them?


Split Ends

It is very depressing to see your hair ends split each time into two or three heads or even more! It is a common hair problem for women. Although it’s hard for you to cut your hair every time, however, it is the best solution for split ends. Actually, if you trim your hair every 2 months, split ends will stop bothering you. If you are looking for a temporary solution, try Kerastase Sérum Therapiste which treats split ends as well as protecting hair from heat.


Kerastase Sérum Therapiste



Heat Damage

We all use the blow dryer to dry our hair or hair straightener / curler to style it perfectly. However, the frequent use of these heat tools affects the hair badly and damages it. Thus, when you reduce the usage of these styling tools, you can reduce the risk of hair damage. Also, if you’re considering using a hair straightener, make sure to apply a thermal protection product before, here are some suggestions:


TREsemmé Heat Protectant Spray


HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector


Kenra Thermal Styling Spray 19



Sun damage

Just like skin, your hair needs to be protected from the sun's UV rays, as theycause great damage, especially during summer when you spend hours on the beach exposing your hair to the sun. The sun can change the color of your hair, increase frizz, split ends and weaken your hair in general. However, you can provide protection through UV protectant such as the Bare Republic Eco-Active Haircare UV Protection Thermal Serum, which protects your hair from sunlight, moisturizes and nourishes your hair.


Bare Republic Eco-Active Haircare UV Protection Thermal Serum



Stressed hair

When making a ponytail, for example, and tightening it so much or when combingharshly your hair, all this may also lead to damage. Therefore, it is crucial to apply masks that treat damage and make your hair softer, so that it is easy for you to gently brush your hair without damaging it. Here are some nourishing masks for damaged hair:


Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery


CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil


BRIOGEO Don't Despair, Repair! ™ Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System


Thinning and hair loss

There are many reasons behind hair thinning and hair loss, the most common are: stress, medications, postpartum, dandruff, autoimmune diseases, lack of nutrition and hereditary factors, among others. Tight hairdos (as mentioned above) can also lead to hair loss and weaken your hair strands. Therefore, to treat this problem, it is necessary to identify the problem that caused hair loss or thinning and work on finding the best solution to it. For instance, if hair loss or thinning was the result of lack of nutrition, then you must consider visiting a nutritionist to plan a healthy rich diet. Also, if your hair problem is due to stress, then yoga exercises can be very beneficial for stress management.