Tips to Protect Yourself in the Gym

In case you’re thinking of going back on track

Vanessa Haber


Tips to Protect Yourself in the Gym

Sports centers have reopened in most countries and people are heading back to the gyms or training classes to regain fitness and activity lost during quarantine.

There is no doubt that the sports clubs have been taking all the necessary measures and additional precautions to keep everyone safe. However, in an excessive sweating area and the sharing of machine use with touching common surfaces, it may be difficult to eliminate the potential of infection risks. So you must prepare and familiarize yourself with some tips you must consider before heading the gym.


Sterilize before and after using anything

From dumbbells to treadmills and other gym equipment, make sure to sterilize every surface you’re going to touch with sterilizing wipes or spray. Sterilization is crucial at this time, because common surfaces may carry the virus.

Note that gyms should provide wipes and sprays for this purpose (or maybe hire someone to sterilize the place), but nothing prevents you from bringing them with you.

It is also possible to limit touching surfaces or exercising for a short time (note that some gyms may provide specific rules in this regard)



Avoid small closed areas

Researchers found that fitness classes may be the most dangerous and risky activity/place in the gym. The warmth and humidity in the air, which happen when everyone is sweating, can make the virus transmission a lot easier, especially in small closed areas.

It is better to take outdoor fitness classes, an initiative adopted in Sweden’s fitness centers to reduce the risk of indoor virus spreading.



Social distancing

When exercising heavily, you will not be able to wear a facemask. So it is important to maintain a good distance between you and the other, while in the gym. Thus, a spacious gym with a limited number of people will be less risky for you. Experts suggest that you must wear the facemask as much as possible in the gym, including at the front desk, in the changing room, in the bathroom, or even when exercising with minimal effort.



Personal stuff

 Before heading to the gym, you should know that you must bring your own towel and water bottle. However, you should e aware where you put your things, especially when exercising where you need to wipe your face each time you’re your towel. So the towel should be folded so that the part that touches your face does not touch other surfaces. Open it to wipe your face, and then fold it back before using it again. You can also sterilize the surface where you will place your personal belongings, just to be safer.