5 Tricks for The Perfect imageshoot

Looking for inspiration, ladies?


5 Tricks for The Perfect imageshoot

If you’re out of ideas for your shots, we’re here to help you take the images that will make you look extremely appealing. Here are some of the best poses that highlight your best features.


Face the camera side-on

This angle is simply fantastic and makes you look slimmer. You just need to face the camera side-on with your chin down. 


Take an action shot

This shot is perfect for all you long-haired gals. Let someone take an ‘action shot' of you while you’re moving or when the wind lightly blows your hair.


Put your hands in your pockets

If you’re taking a full-length snap, place your hands in your pockets. This angle will make you look more confident, therefore more attractive. 


Put your hands behind your back

In order to look sincere, place your hands behind your back and lightly lean against a wall or a vertical surface.


Sit on the edge of a sofa

For a more elegant pose, lean forward while sitting on the edge of the sofa. Remember, a straight back is the key to femininity.