6 New Tested and Editor-Approved Skincare Products

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6 New Tested and Editor-Approved Skincare Products

Hydrate, protect, plump, balance? Whether you’re opting for a serum-based formula, cream, cream, gel or ampoules, your ultimate goal is a glowing and radiant skin. To help you find the right formula, we've tested 6 new products, and you’ll have every single detail on the experience and results. Choose your favorite. 


"What is the best cream?" A question frequently asked. In this age of omnipresent care, cosmetics must understand you, reassure you, give you confidence, and not disappoint you, and that’s a real challenge. Especially that there are no bad products, only bad ingredients. 


It all depends on your skin, age, lifestyle, desires and of course the season through which you’re purchasing the product, without forgetting the budget.  Also, no product will be effective if you do not apply it as instructed. While safe bets are still popular, labs, now more than ever, are looking for new, more efficient combinations and more eco-responsible means of extraction. Overall, even if nothing is perfect yet, the ingredients, formulas and packaging are increasingly clean. 6 extremely clean products will prove us right.


Resveratrol Lift Firming Serum – Caudalie

This serum is the lead product of the brand’s newly patented firming collection in association with Harvard Medical School and longevity guru Dr. David Sinclair.

It’s an anti-aging team with resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen booster, that tightens absolutely everything.

At first use, this addictive serum is so fresh and light that you will want more. It features 40% reduction in loss of firmness, five times more natural collagen production, denser and more plump skin ... Should we use it again? Of course if you’re above 40 and want a really maintained skin. 





Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen – Fenty Skin

Being Rihanna’s favorite, this product is her last step skincare routine. A real double-agent: it moisturizes and it displays a protection index to limit the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin.




On the first use, a simple press of the (refillable) pump-bottle and you’ll have the right dosage of the cream. No greasy effect once you walk in the sun. On the scent side, it is the melon from the Kalahari Desert that dominates, fresh and fruity.

Use it if you are looking for an effective treatment that can be shared with your other half. 



Absolu Ultimate Repair Bi-ampoule – Lancôme

Highly concentrated in natural nutritive oils and regenerating rose extracts, this two-phase, surfactant-free formula was inspired by the medical world to repair the skin barrier in just one drop.

You shouldn't be scared of its futuristic look. You just have to shake it, and its milk emulsion penetrates instantly.

if you have mature, rather dry skin, subject to stress, pollution and external aggressions and after a cosmetic procedure, this product is your go-to. 





Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream – Sisheido

This premium cream makes sure to imbue the skin with light, to regenerate it in depth thanks to precious ingredients from the Japanese pharmacopoeia: The Enmei herb, a symbol of longevity, and Green Treasured Silk, a rare silk.

At first use, you’ll see the difference. The Japanese definitely have a sense of aesthetics, ritual and detail. The texture is creamy and light at the same time, with a soothing scent that evokes Asian landscapes.





Dior Prestige Micro-Oil De Rose

This repair serum concentrates the power of the Rose de Granville from the stem to the flower to both intensely repair and visibly rejuvenate.

A real cosmetology star is coming back, enriched with rose sap obtained by bio-fermentation, with a superior biological action to fight inflammation and boost cellular vitality.

On the first use, we recognize it immediately, with its 10 000 microbeads that melt on the skin, diffusing an exquisite scent of rose. The face relaxes immediately.

If you have thin skin that shows signs of fatigue and stress, then that’s your go-to.




Le Lift Night Cream - Chanel

It heals stressed and overworked skin. A new Neuractif Nuit complex and its botanical alfalfa concentrate - a promising alternative to the famous retinol.

At first use, it’s all about softness and delicate and comforting fragrance. if you are looking for an anti-aging product suitable for your intense lifestyle, then you’ve found your go-to.