Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa Go on A Bloody Sizzling Tour In Prisoner Music Video

Christina Jaber


Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa Go on A Bloody Sizzling Tour In Prisoner Music Video

You want to send a message to your ex? Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa just sent their message to their exes, and it sure was bloody.  The sexy duo released a music video yesterday, after months of teasing, in which they transformed into rock’ n ‘ roll vampires, partying, smoking and send this message to their exes "In Loving memory of all my exes. Eat Sh**," in neon writing.


Take a look.




Prisoner is part of Miley Cyrus’ rock-inspired album “Plastic Hearts”,  and let’s have a little talk about the boundary-pushing, steamy and really bold video.

In details, the music video sees them driving a bus together in a really out of this world tour, when they’re both singing and pouring blood, to give the show a little spice later on at a bar. We couldn’t miss the grungy fashion sense, especially with the “exaggerated” black eyeliner and with Lipa wearing a vintage 90’s Gucci cut-out dress designed by Tom Ford, and Miley roaming in her bold chains all around. Not really your average tour bus. 

Miley is apparently going crazy about the music video. The star posted few pictures on Instagram of her and Dua Lipa looking like cherry bombs, covered up in juicy blood, to announce the drop.  



Dua Lipa wasn’t less excited, as she made sure every single teasing picture and video got posted on her Instagram. The two stars seemed to have all the fun possible in the world filming this music video, all in grungy, funy, Rock ‘ n’ Roll vibe.