The mini UGG is having a moment in celebrities’ outfits

Christina Jaber


The mini UGG is having a moment in celebrities’ outfits

Call it an it-shoe, definitely. The mini Classic UGG boots made their way into celebrities’ wardrobes one more time and became this season’s most wanted shoes. We weren’t surprised, all if these boots are not the stars of this comfy-wear era, then what could be? 

While the most common of these mini cozy and casual boots is in chestnut color, Russian model Irina Shayk wore them in fuchsia, the one that you can spot immediately, as she styled them with black leggings  a crop top and a white teddy bear jacket.


Irina shayk ugg



Her styling was similar to Kendall’s, as the young model also wore black leggings and a teddy bear sweater in black without forgetting her chic black bag. 


kendall jenner ugg




As for Emily Ratajkowski, she styled her UGGs with black shorts, a yellow hoodie and a leather blazer. 




Joan Smalls chose to wear the UGG mini boots with a black skirt, a crop top and a teddy bear jacket in pink. 




As for the singer Dua Lipa, she went nineties styling the UGG boot with her low-rise denim pants.




In a totally fresh style, these celebrities revived these classic boots, this time in a mini version while the taller version had their moment in the 2000s.