Hermès Just Dropped Three Gorgeous New Lipstick Shades

Hala Fayad


Hermès Just Dropped Three Gorgeous New Lipstick Shades

Beige Ebloui, Rose Oasis, Corail Aqua... Iconic French house Hermès dropped a new collection of three limited-edition lipsticks in vibrant and sunny colors for this season. So get ready to escape with fragments of molten yellow, pink, turquoise and coral.



Pure, energetic, modernist and sensory are the collection’s vibes, where every color sparks positivity, optimism and light.

With their shimmering satin finish, these three radiant shades enhance the luminosity of the lips making them shine and keeping them hydrated and nourished.

Keep scrolling to discover which of the three limited-edition magical lipsticks matches your personality, your skin tone and your vibe.


BEIGE EBLOUI - Hermes Lipstick SS21

BEIGE EBLOUI: the vibration of sand richly warmed by the sun, an amber that caresses on the lips.


ROSE OASIS - Hermes SS21

ROSE OASIS: neither quite fuchsia nor quite magenta, an exalted pink, part bougainvillea, part succulent plant.


ROSE OASIS - Hermes Lipstick SS21

CORAIL AQUA: a divine dip in a turquoise pool, the shimmering glow of a bright and intense vermilion.


Hermes Lipsticks


The lipsticks in this spring/summer 2021 Rouge Hermès Limited Edition collection are refillable. This possibility adds a sustainable dimension to their unique temporal presence.

The spring-summer 2021 Rouge Hermès Limited Edition collection will be available from March 2021 in selected Hermès retail outlets around the world.