Best Shows to Watch on Netflix if You Are a Beauty Addict

Farah Fala


Best Shows to Watch on Netflix if You Are a Beauty Addict

If you’re a beauty fan and you’re looking for some inspiration, or you want to feel the adrenaline of a beauty competition, or you simply want to take your mind off your daily stress, Netflix has all this in store for you, and more. We have selected 4 amazing beauty-related shows that you can stream on Netflix if you are a beauty addict. Read on to discover our brief review about each show.


Skin-Decision: Before and After

This reality show highlights the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. It features Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a plastic surgeon, and nurse Jamie Sherrill while providing consultation to patients suffering from facial and skin deformities after an accident. Thanks to the latest progress in technology, they use advanced techniques to remove scars. The patient’s motif, according to the show, is not perfection; it is rather to return to the previous “normal” state.




Glow Up

If you are a makeup fan, this wildly popular show is for you! This British reality show features a competition between contestants to win a career-making opportunity in the beauty industry. They are evaluated by two judges Dominic Skinner and Val Garland who are experts in the beauty industry accompanied by guest stars every week. English television presenter Stacey Dooley hosted seasons one and two, while British presenter Maya Jama replaced her in season three.





Its first premiere on Netflix was in March 2020. This drama series is based on the personal biography of Madam C.J. Walker, the first African-American woman to become a millionaire and build a hair care empire. It stars Octavia Spencer as Madam Walker and Blair Underwood as Charles Joseph Walker. Self-Made accounts for Madam Walker’s journey and how she overcame challenges to become a beauty mogul as well as a strong advocate for civil rights, the arts, and women’s financial independence.




RuPaul’s Drag Race

This Emmy Award-winning series is hosted by American drag queen, actor, model, singer, songwriter, and television personality RuPaul. He is the host and head judge of this competition series in which he evaluates the contestants in the drag race, searching for the next drag superstar. The contestants face different fashion and performance challenges in every episode. We recommend you binge watch this entertaining show on your next girls’ night in.