5 Amazing Hairstyles You Can Try With Bangs In 2022

Christina Jaber


5 Amazing Hairstyles You Can Try With Bangs In 2022

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash


New Year, New Me! Well, I can’t see a way of having a new me in 2022 without starting with a new haircut, or let’s say a major makeover, so bangs are definitely on the list the coming year. 

Bangs have been so on-trend recently, whether it’s the celebrity’s looks that we’re spotting every now and then, or the runways that were filled with different types of bangs: XXL, mini, curtain and more. However, going for bangs need some planning ahead as you have many options to choose from when it comes to the hairstyle you’ll be opting for with the bangs, like layered locks, bob haircut and more. 

To make the decision easier and faster, we have listed 5 hairstyles that are at the same time trendy and attractive. 


The layered elongated bob

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that has the coolness of short hair but still as versatile as a long hair can ever be, then the layered elongated bob is the one you’d go for with short bangs and American model Kaia Gerber is the hairstyle’s ambassador. 


Skunk hair

Skunk hair and bangs? The edgy look you’ll forever be remembered by. Skunk hair is nothing short of a bold expression because this dual-tone hair is making a comeback especially with Miley Cyrus’ latest look. The bangs will make the look even grungier. 



Long and retro-inspired

None of us saw Gigi Hadid’s long and retro-inspired hair with the bangs and didn’t want to copy the look ASAP! If you’re planning to get bangs in 2022, you might consider feminine and chic long hairstyles where the bangs will add a touch of mystery.



Short bob

Evenly-cut short bobs are the perfect way to give body and fullness to your hair and it goes perfectly with bangs for an eye-catching and very Parisian look. Palestinian singer and TV host Azza Zarour looked extremely trendy and chic in this hairstyle. 



Braids with curtain bangs

This hairstyle will take you back to some 90’s nights but it’s still the one that never goes out of style. Simi Khadra, one of the renowned Palestinian twin DJ sisters opted for two middle-parted and trendy curtain bangs that added even more girly vibes to her braids.