Sabulosity’s first anniversary

A magnificent and sparkling collection!


Sabulosity’s first anniversary

On March 15, 2017 a jewel illuminated the heart of Beirut, Ashrafieh, with the celebration of the First Anniversary of Sabulosity, a new jewelry brand. Soha Hamdan and her family introduced their magnificent and sparkling collection of jewelry designed with diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emeralds and other gem stones. Soha’s unique designs feature elegance, style and refinement.

The main collection of the event was the Pearl collection dedicated to the month of March, the month of the Woman and the Mother. "The heart of a woman is such a pearl, large enough to contain the secrets of the oceans, and pure enough to turn into a shield of love."

The cloudy weather and rain did not prevent people from going to the Sabulosity shop to be transported on a journey of passion and brilliance, and to discover the magical world of designs each carrying its own history, identity and soul. The pieces were not only unique, but their original arrangement on antique crystallized statuettes added to the particular effect of Sabulosity.

The glasses glittered and the eyes were shining under the glow of the diamonds. The atmosphere was joyous, the hearts were warm, the colors serene, and the classical music intoxicating; All these elements contributed to the magical and even spiritual experience of Sabulosity, something that the brand transmits through its jewels, hence the slogan "Jewels of the Soul".