FASHION | Ramadan

This Pre-Ramadan Exhibition Is The Creative Hub You’re Visiting These Two Days

By Christina Jaber
07 Apr,2021

Ramadan is considered one of the focal fashion seasons in the region.

You’re probably getting your wardrobe ready for Ramadan evenings, the ones you’ll be spending with your family and friends, even though the circle is going to be smaller with the ongoing pandemic, but being the chicest and trendiest in the room is a must for you, and we’ve got you covered. 

We love this pre-Ramadan exhibition that is taking place in Dubai and where you will be able to shop your favorite staples while encouraging local designers affected by the economic global situation. Sawa, an initiative like no other, is knocking on your door, so keep scrolling to know all the details. 



Emirati fine jewelry designer Salama Khalfan and her friend Ghizlan Guenez, are ready to reinvigorate the emirate’s creative community by launching Sawa(which translates as “together”).

The pre-Ramadan exhibition will take place starting today and until Saturday at Warehouse 83, AlserkalAvenue, from 2pm to 10pm. Its overarching aim is to support local entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform for making sales at low cost and low risk.


“The idea was so organic – we were together one evening three weeks ago, thinking it would be amazing if someone could facilitate something where the barriers of entry are relatively low” Khalfan told The National.


Das Collection, Bleach, Bambah, and more local labels are going to participate in Sawa exhibition along with other home-grown fashion, home décor and accessories brands. 



Here’s a list of some of the participating labels. Do not miss out on the creative event. You’ll find everything you need this Holy Month while supporting some amazing local talents.


Check out Bambah for the best voluminous and colorful abayas and kaftans.



Handcrafted Emirati label Le Pom Pom is taking part in the exhibition and you’ll find your perfect pop color sandals and bag. 



Discover Emirati contemporary ready-to-wear label Bouguessa and choose your free-flowing and loose dresses for the sunny Ramadan days.



From The Arabs is an Emirati brand inspired by Arabic culture to bring you handmade locally-sourced Emirati scented candles.