How Travelling will Change After Covid-19?

It will never be the same!
By Vanessa Haber
06 May,2020

With airports closing and travels stopping, we wonder how travelling would look like after coronavirus crisis ends and everything goes back to normal. Will travelling be the same as it was before?

Actually, some things might change in the near future and no wonder that Covid-19 will change some conceptions.

How Travelling will be after Covid-19?


Social Distancing

Aviation expert Henry Harteveldt of Atmosphere Research Group told Travel & Leisure that social distancing will remain even in the sky, he said: “Public health officials will still encourage social distancing and airlines might continue blocking middle seats or limiting the number of people in premium cabins,” he says. You can also expect measures to be put in place for more space between passengers in line at check-in, at security, and to board planes.


Health Tests

It is expected to go over several tests before going on board, it is likely to undergo a required quick temperature check, or heart rate monitoring or a blood test before boarding a plane, to make sure your healthy and safe.


Carry-on Bags not Allowed

You probably won’t be able to take large carry-on suitcases onboard planes. However, business travelers and parents of infants, carry-on items like laptops, handbags, briefcases, and baby items should still be allowed.


Facemasks and Gloves

Flight attendants will have to wear facemasks and gloves, also limiting their services to reduce interactions with passengers, who will also have to wear their own facemasks before entering the airport and board a plane.


More Fees

Dollar Flight Club expects that the airline industry will put additional fees to get back to profitability, which means higher fees for checked bags, to pick your own seat ahead of time and for premium seats in economy and more.



Conde Naste Traveler confirms: Carriers are taking additional precautions to deeply sanitize areas that passengers repeatedly touch or where they sit, stand, or even breathe.”


New Seating Concept

According to Houston Chronicles, an Italian airplane seating company is working on a new seating concept; A transparent barrier will envelope each passenger to protect him from germs, bad breath, and fights for the armrest. It would also provide a better protection for the aisle seat passenger, from people walking up and down the airplane aisles.