Cancer Survivor Cherine Cheaito Is Spreading Hope By Sharing Her Story

By Hanane Tabet
01 Jun,2021

Cherine Shaito is a “Wife, Mother and A Survivor” as the young Lebanese woman describes herself in her Facebook bio. She lived with her husband and son in Kuwait a normal and happy life, until fate decided it was time for her to fight a long and hard battle: she was diagnosed with leukemia. A 5 year-journey filled with tears, pain, and fear. But also a journey of resilience, love, and strength. Now that Cherine is free from cancer and back stronger than ever, she’s getting her life back, and most of all, she wants to share her story to spread hope and positivity.

Spécial Arabia met with the inspiring survivor who strives to spread positivity.


Cherine Cheaito


Cherine Cheaito


After 5 years of battling leukemia, you are finally sharing your story.

There is no way that I can fully convey to you what it is like to believe that I was going to die, only faith and love gave me the hope and the strength to survive. Leukemia is a blood cancer that usually begins the bone marrow. The treatment involves chemotherapy and it’s really heavy and exhausting. Throughout the treatment, I lost my hair, my skin was badly affected, I suffered from breathing difficulties, and if I hadn’t found a compatible bone marrow donor (my sister), I would have probably lost the fight and died.


What were the most difficult moments?

The most difficult moments were looking at the mirror and seeing a stranger, but also the unbearable daily pain, losing my hair, being unable to see my child and my family. I was indeed placed in sanitary isolation for 30 days after the bone marrow transplant in order to prevent infection.


How much was love important in your fight against cancer?

My son Ali was 5 years old when I was diagnosed with cancer, and during my battle I was constantly thinking of him, praying that nothing bad ever happens to him, and wondering what will happen to him if I don’t survive. But the love and constant support of my husband and my family who stayed by my side during these tough years helped me to stay strong. And I can never be grateful enough to my sister Nivine who saved my life, as she was the donor for the bone marrow transplant. Love and my faith in God and His mercy were and are still what keep me going.


You emphasize the importance of psychotherapy during cancer treatment. How was that important and beneficial for you?

After I left the hospital and went back to my life, nothing looked the same for me and I was in terrible psychological pain, especially that I found out that my son Ali was feeling guilty and thinking that it’s because he was sometimes “naughty at home” that I got cancer and almost died. I knew that we both needed help, and there is nothing wrong in admitting that we are not feeling OK and in seeking help. Psychotherapy was beneficial to both of us, and it brought us the peace of mind we desperately needed.


You look more radiant than ever, how did you get back in shape with all the side effects due to the treatment?

I never gave up, and my motto is: “As long as your faith and will are strong you can change the world”. Sports changed my life; I have been exercising every day for two years, and eating healthy. Every day I train for one hour, it’s my comfort zone and it makes me feel more confident and strong. During my last visit to my doctor he said that he was proud of me, he did not recognize me, and that I wasn’t the woman going through all the suffering anymore.


Cherine Cheaito


Cherine Cheaito


When you think of the future what do you dream of? And what do you fear?

I dream of a better tomorrow and of a world without cancer. I fear only God, and I pray every day asking Him to spare me another cancer battle, and to protect my child and keep him safe by my side.


The message you would like to send to women out there.

Don't stop dreaming. Never lose hope.