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How to Feel Good Naked?

Without losing some pounds
By Vanessa Haber
02 Apr,2020

Picture: Ashley Graham for Addition Elle Lingerie

Many women want so badly to have the body of a model that they forget to be themselves. they are willing to punish themselves with extreme diets, hoping to feel good about themselves. However, they end up still feeling bad about their body and image.

Body shame or hatred is both mental and physical issues. Thus, to feel good naked, you must boost your self-confidence.




Let your partner touch you, caress your body, whether your stomach, tight or any other body part you hate. When you realize that your partner adores your naked body or sees it as it is, you will be able to get rid of all the negative thoughts running in your mind.





Every time you stand naked in front of the mirror and feel sorry for not having a model’s toned body, you are never going to feel good naked. Thus, allow your body to be itself, love it through all its flaws. By the way, flaws are naturally beautiful.



Don’t let someone’s opinion shake your sense of self-worth and confidence. People’s opinion regarding your body doesn’t matter anyway. No need to have flat stomach, thin waist or toned body to feel good about yourself. It’s more about inner belief and feeling sexy in you own skin.