5 Good Deeds You Can Do This Ramadan

You can do good all year long
By Hala Fayad
30 Apr,2020

Try to share your good deeds with friends, family and other people on #MonthOfGood as it is a great way to encourage everyone to be kind this month and every month. The act of kindness is everywhere even in the simplest things that make a huge difference in our lives. The acts of giving, forgiving and loving are all what Ramadan is about.

This doesn’t mean that you should be kind and giving only during Ramadan but all year long, because the world needs it now more than ever!

Write down a list of good deeds you will achieve this Ramadan, consider it as a bucket list and check each deed after you have done it successfully. To help you, here are some good deeds anyone can do, get inspired!



The world needs more volunteers and donors to battle the coronavirus and its consequences. Spend a few hours working in a homeless shelter or in food banks that are helping families in need. You can also volunteer in charities or non-profit organizations helping sick people or those with special needs, for example.



When talking about donations, this doesn’t always mean amounts of money, although you can do that if you want to. However, donations include giving your unwanted clothes or anything that is no longer useful or suitable for you.



It is the month of forgiveness, thus let go of any hardships and forgive those who hurt or offended you. Remember, everyone commits mistakes, because it’s our nature.


Acts of Kindness

Daily acts or behavior you do affect you and others positively. It could be so simple like a smile, or offer a hand and help others struggling in doing something.


Stop Complaining

Many of us spend their time complaining about lockdown, weather, politics... Ditch all of this negative energy that might upset you and ruin your day. This negative thinking will do you no good and doesn’t change a thing! It would affect your behavior and attitude towards people surrounding you.