The most Instagrammable Cafes and Restaurants in Dubai

By Christina Jaber
21 Jul,2021

The most awaited holiday is here, and you’ve probably touched down Dubai or you’re landing today, or you might be already living in the city of life. 

While your schedule might be packed with some visits and tourist things, there are some cafés and dine-ins you should not miss out on. Guess what? They’re extremely Instagrammable! So prepare your followers for a magical tour in some of the most beautiful restaurants in Dubai. 


Vibe UAE

We love pink when we see it! Once you step in Vibe UAE’s Instagram account, you can’t but fall in love with all the colors and the ambiance, so what if you physically visit? 

It’s located in Jumeirah and is known for its good (and instagrammable) food and its refreshing cocktails. 




Lima City

Since all our Eid Al Adha holiday is about making up for all the fun we missed recently, so we’re definitely putting fun on our schedules. Lima City is the perfect place to visit in Dubai for its vibrant and fun vibe, for its artistic decor and its delicious Peruvian cuisine. 




La Durée

Up for an afternoon tea? La Durée serves the best one ever. The elegant tea house serves a taste of France with its pastries, its vibe, and with its beautifully presented plates. 

Don’t leave without the beautiful rainbow macaroons, because they don’t just look great, they taste great too!




Friends Avenue

This one has the full package: artistic walls, delicious food, and great vibes. Located in JLT, it’s the dine-in you’ll probably fall in love with in Dubai.