GloWish Unveils Super Jelly Lip Balm & GloWish Micro Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Nada Hanna


GloWish Unveils Super Jelly Lip Balm & GloWish Micro Mini Eyeshadow Palette

You can now complete your look with the new perfect combo crafted by GloWish! Two new products; one for the lips and one for the eyes. Give lips a subtle flush of color and a gorgeous glow with our Super Jelly Lip Balm and complement your eye color by creating maximum impact with minimal effort using our Micro Mini Eyeshadow Palette.

Super Jelly Lip Balm

Super Jelly is a lightweight, tinted lip balm that nourishes lips with a sexy, subtle pop of color unique to your lips. A vegan-certified and 92% naturally derived formula packed with nutrient rich superfoods that leave lips soft, soothed, supple, and hydrated for up to 12 hours.

Infused with ingredients that leave lips glowing and healthy looking, Super Jelly doesn’t just feel good on the lips, it truly cares for them. We all know superfoods do wonders for our health and nourish the body from the inside out, that’s why we packed Super Jelly full of juicy ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and make the lips look and feel good.

Superfoods like Blueberry & Goji Berry Seed Oil, Matcha Tea and Coconut/MCT Oil work together to provide hydration and give an antioxidant boost to help soften and smooth the lips. Each shade was inspired by the 4 superfoods, but all are infused in the formula.

The combo of these ingredients results in a skincare-infused and lightweight formula with a hint of color, that adapts to every individual for a ‘your lips but better’ vibe. Super Jelly comes with a twist, and not just in the applicator! Huda loves transformational products that have beautiful texture, and Super Jelly’s bright bullet color transforms on the lips into beautiful sheer color by using adaptive pH bloom in our formula. Our blue ‘Blueberry’ balm gives a cool pink sheen to the lips, the ‘Matcha’ green tints the lips in a subtle pink, bright red ‘Goji Berry’ transforms into a sheer, warm-toned red, while Coconut’s beige bullet shade is a colorless formula that adds a clear, glossy finish.

“I love lip products, so I created the juiciest Lip Balm ever! Our new GloWish Super Jelly Lip Balm is so addictive and I am obsessed with the texture – it literally melts onto your lips. I am all about feeling confident in your own skin and this is the go-to lip product for low maintenance days where you want to feel your best. A lightweight transforming pop of color that blooms for juicy, sexy, and healthy-looking lips!” – Huda Kattan.

  • 92% naturally derived
  • Nourishing jelly-like texture
  • 12-hour hydratio
  • Superfood-infused - Juicy Glow

The shades:

  • Blueberry – Cool purple
  • Goji Berry – Warm red-orange
  • Matcha – Subtle pink
  • Coconut – No color

How to use:

Glide across bare lips and reapply as needed.

Huda's hack

  • Gently exfoliate with your lips with WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub for a smooth base before applying Super Jelly for ultra-luscious lips.
  • Apply as a nourishing base before lipstick.
  • Use Lip Contour 2.0 and apply Super Jelly in Coconut in the center for fuller looking lips.

Micro Mini Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to eyeshadow, some like full glam, and some like natural and effortless. Lucky for you, our new GloWish Micro Mini Palettes help you create both. Instantly enhancing the color of your eyes, these natural eyeshadow palettes create maximum impact with minimal effort.

There are three palettes to choose from: CLAY – ideal for blue and gray eyes, MOSS – to flatter brown and black eyes, and AMETHYST – perfect for green and hazel eyes. These monochromatic quads are inspired by nature and created to complement each eye color. Each palette has three creamy, matte shadows and one shimmer shade, for easy, blendable, and customizable looks. Wash one color across the eyelids or layer the shades for effortless, natural glam!

The Palettes:

  • The Clay palette is designed for blue and gray eyes comes with shades ranging from soft peach to burnt orange with a champagne shimmer to make the eyes pop
  • The Moss palette makes brown and black eyes stand out, think lush, leafy greens, with a pewter shimmer shade
  • The Amethyst palette makes green and hazel eyes shine through with soft rose, purples, and a burgundy shimmer.

When it comes to formulas, Huda is obsessed with beautiful, impactful, and longwearing textures, so even our most natural formulas have the most impressive color pay off. Made in Italy, the palettes are made with richly pigmented and creamy shades that effortlessly blend, while also being 90% naturally derived. The addition of a pearlescent shade to add dimension helps take a natural matte look to glam easily.

  •  Creamy texture
  • Richly pigmented
  • Eye color enhancing

How to use it:

  •  Use one shade for an all over color wash
  • Create a monochromatic glam using all shades in the palette

Huda's hack:

Press the shimmer shade in the center of your eye for an extra pop!

“I love to define & contour my eyes, but natural is taking over. I really wanted to embrace natural formulas but always found that they gave no pay off, weren’t long-lasting and would not give me the result I wanted. So, our GloWish Micro Mini Eyeshadow Palettes are high-performing, packed with super pigmented formulas and pocket-sized – perfect for on-the-go and those who love a ‘less is more’ approach.” – Huda Kattan.