The Pout Case is Perfect for Beauty Addicts

Girls on the go will absolutely love this!


The Pout Case is Perfect for Beauty Addicts

There is now a phone case for your makeup. This way, you won't even need to reach your purse! Here is how it works: simply pull the bottom of your phone case, and voilà; a customizable makeup palette. This new invention is called Pout Case, and it's revolutionary! Today, everyone is obsessed with their phone. We use our phone to buy clothes, to talk to our loved ones, to check Facebook... So why not use it to put our daily makeup, instead of putting your messy makeup bag in your purse? If this isn't genius, we don't know what is.

The PoutCase was created by an English woman who was trying to be discreet about putting makeup during a board meeting. She tied some beauty products to her phone with a hairband, and this is how she got the amazing idea of incorporating a makeup case into the phones.

What are you waiting for? Go get your PoutCase now!