5 Exercises You Should Never Do

You might be doing them right now!


5 Exercises You Should Never Do

Do not do sit-ups or crunches

They reinforce the bad slouching posture and can even cause a herniated disc on your lower back. Do planks instead; they're much better for your abs and back.


Never do seated leg extensions

This position is bad for your knees: all the resistance is focused at your ankles, and that’s something we don’t recommend. Instead, you can try lunges. This move places the knee in a more natural position.


You might wanna skip out on double-leg raises

Hanging from a bar with your hips and legs lifted up isn’t exactly the best exercise. On the long term, this move can cause spasms in the hip flexors as well as a herniated disk.


Stay away from the elliptical machine

Walking on the elliptical machine isn’t something we can naturally do, so it isn’t very beneficial to actually do it… Well, it’s only good for you if you have an injury and cannot walk or run. The stair mill is way better; unlike the elliptical machine, this one actually improves your fitness level.


No more presses behind the neck

You should rule out behind-the-neck presses from your workout routine. It's an unnatural and unsafe position. You’ll notice the upper back and neck pain on the long term. Instead of these, you can try front presses or dumbbell presses since they’re much safer.