How To Look Well-Rested

Easy peasy.


How To Look Well-Rested

Lots of caffeine… on your face!
Yes folks, caffeine firms up the skin, and the best way to do so is by applying an eye cream that contains caffeine. An alternative solution can be putting damp black tea bags on your eyes.

Hydration is a must
Drinking lots and lots of non-alcoholic liquids can result in no more swelling or puffiness under your eyes! Stay away from alcohol, obviously, because it can make your under eyes as red as blood, and your skin will look very tired.

Cut down on sodium
Did you know that your sodium intake can make your skin go from flawless to completely washed up? Lots of people love putting a sprinkle – or five, or ten – of salt on their meals, but we advise you to cut down on sodium a bit for the sake of your beauty as well as your health.

Concealer is a very good liar
How good would it feel if someone said you look nice, when in reality, you’re just covering up your hot mess of a face? No one will ever know you’ve had a rough night if you apply a top quality concealer.