The Ultimate Guide: Hats for Winter 2018-2019

Top hats speak louder than words

Helena Saadeh


The Ultimate Guide: Hats for Winter 2018-2019

Saint Laurent Fedora Hat

There is nothing more seductive than a mysterious attire. Keep them wondering as you wear this big black fedora hat by Saint Laurent. Such a classy hat is timeless, especially if it’s coordinated with a strong lipstick color.

House of Holland Baseball Cap Hat

You want to impress him but you still want to look stylish? Go for a baseball hat look, such as the House of Holland black leather cap, and pair it with dangling earrings et voilà! You’re all set for a sport-casual look with a sense of comfort.

Moschino Updated Pillbox Hat

Searching for a first-lady look? Try the Jackie Kennedy inspired Moschino look! The updated pillbox hat brings back the golden 60’s and the feminine chic formality. If you’re having a formal visit - or maybe just visiting the queen – this is a signature accessory.

Versace Beret Hat

If you cannot be in Paris right now, why not adopt its style anyway? Versace’s beret is iconic and currently on our #1 trending list. This hat simply screams fashion! This hat can save you a lot of effort because its accessories are flashing and you need to make sure you don’t over accessorize.

Prada Bucket Hat

Bucket hat is back in stock for the fashion industry and Prada is making the best out of it. Since we already gave you list of the trending sunglasses for the season, it’s time for you to match them with a hat, and these bucket hats seem to fit with all kinds of shades.

Nicopanda Pompom knitted Hat

A comfy coat, pretty shades, you just need this pompom hat and you’re all set! This winter seems to come very cold so you might as well protect yourself – in style. These knitted hats are rumored to save you from bad hair days too!