Formal Meeting: Dress Code

You can only make one first impression

Helena Saadeh


Formal Meeting: Dress Code

Carolina Herrera

If your formal meeting can handle a dose of playfulness, go for a Carolina Herrera stylish outfit. The white t-shirt with sparkles on it will do the job with its wide collar and big pocket. The skirt adds a formal attire and the belt are so trending this season, but what we love the most about this look is the knee black boots lighten up by flowers.

Jill Stuart

Try the retro vintage style with soft fabric, buttons on the side, and Victorian sleeves. Smokey eyes and natural hair will update this look and give it a more stylish look. Break the monochrome trend with beige ankle boots, beneath them white socks.

Max Mara

Every detail is thought of on the Max Mara runway! Think outside the box and wear something other than black and white. What you feel will definitely be reflected on your attitude so you might as well wear something comfortable. First, you have pockets to rest your hands in and not look awkward. Second, the belt will make you look much thinner and ready for action. Third, would you look at that makeup and hairstyle?

Roberto Cavalli

For a more shabby-chic look, opt for the Roberto Cavalli look. Biker shorts are coming back and hitting the runway hard. The shoes are to die for and they add a more formal look to the whole outfit. The black waist vest shapes your body in a fabulous way and the necklaces seal the deal for a unique look.

Saint Laurent

Rock the black and white outfit with killer animal print boots. Saint Laurent played all the fashion cards as the brand combined the blazer over shirt look, the ribbon scarf, the headband and simple straight hair. This look is to show that you are such a serious, hard-working fashionista.