Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2019

No more Runways

Helena Saadeh


Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2019

Instead of a typical catwalk to show off his new designs and trend, Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière managed a lookbook for the Pre-Fall collection which was released on Tuesday. The lookbook contains A-list models and familiar Hollywood faced.  Who are they? Here’s a few: Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Connelly, Chloe Grace Mortez, Sophie Turner, Michelle Williams, Laura Harrier, and many more…

The LV designer qualified them as: “women [who] embrace the various personalities that embody fashion at Louis Vuitton. Be they stars or new faces, all of them share the same willpower, and confidence in their choices, and at the same time, reflect the eclecticism of the female identity."

This Pre-Fall collection is characterized by colors and most importantly patterns. "City and country meet in a wardrobe that constantly swings between a weekday urban attitude and clothes fit for a rural weekend," says the collection's design notes. 

"The more I work, the more it's about their response for me. It's inspiring to see the second life of the clothes," Ghesquière told the press. "For an 'in-between' collection, for which we don't do a runway show, I thought it would be great to have their point of view."