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IQOS as a better choice

The revolutionary way to enjoy tobacco


IQOS as a better choice

Given its innovative and smoke-free nature, IQOS is not a source of second-hand smoke, and along these lines it is less likely to bother users and those around them, unlike cigarette smoke.  The usual integral item to smoking cigarettes is the customary ashtray, serving as the bin for the ensuing ash, which simply in not generated when using IQOS, given that the latter does not burn tobacco, but rather heats it to specific degrees (under 350 Celsius) which in turn enables the release of a flavourful nicotine vapour that caters to adult smokers’ sensory experience and rituals, while leaving a less unpleasant aftertaste and a better breath than after smoking a cigarette. With less smell on IQOS users, their hair, fingers, hands or clothes, and a tobacco vapour that disappears more quickly than smoke, users feel more comfortable being around others and getting closer to them.

While smoking is a propensity that smokers get acquainted with, the smoke and smell that come with it are unquestionably not. Hence, the significant functional benefit that IQOS offers is the fact that it provides real tobacco taste and satisfaction, while omitting the inconveniences that burning tobacco can create. And because it heats tobacco instead of burning it, it generates no fire, no ash, and no smoke.

To date, over 6 million adult smokers worldwide have made the switch to IQOS. This makes the device and its accompanying HEETS -- specially designed tobacco units that are used exclusively with IQOS -- a revolutionary way to enjoy tobacco for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke. Moreover, it is a sleek device backed with science and an innovative technology that is designed in Switzerland.