What’s in Bella Hadid’s fridge?

Let’s go grocery shopping

Helena Saadeh


What’s in Bella Hadid’s fridge?

Like most models who like to share with their fans their routine, Bella Hadid gave us a full glimpse.  It's nothing unexpected at all that her ice chest is loaded with huge amounts of healthy snacks—all composed and promoted simply like her mother Yolanda might want it. "If anyone wants me to shop and organize their refrigerators I work mornings," the model said.

On the best retire, Hadid stores non-fat Icelandic yogurt in fruity flavors like peach and berry. There's likewise raspberry jam for some sweetness, just as cashew spread from Whole Foods and almond margarine, for a lot healthy cravings. On the center rack, Hadid sorts out the entirety of her drinks: coconut water, fermented tea, San Pellegrino, Blueprint juices, and oat drain from Oatly. The rack underneath is home to new deliver like carrot and celery sticks, pints of raspberries and blackberries, Cava and Hope hummus, and Gotham Greens pesto. In the drawers underneath, Hadid flaunted a few apples, cheddar, more hummus, and natural uncured salami.

Hadid has been real about her love for pizza, and she's not terrified of carbs. "I'm going to eat pasta right now," she advised "If you want to have a piece of bread, go have a piece of bread," she said.