How to do sports during Ramadan

Balance is very important

Helena Saadeh


How to do sports during Ramadan

Stopping a month's exercise due to fasting may not be a good idea. Exercise is of great importance to a person's physical and mental health. It improves circulation, strengthens muscles,  and relieves stress. If not accompanied by sport, increasing the amount of food eaten by fasting people, especially at night, will lead to loss of energy and increase weight.

There is a consensus that the best time for exercise is between iftar and Suhoor, and in certain circumstances, it is possible to exercise for a limited period before Suhoor. For its part, the Saudi Health Ministry said in a tweet via Twitter that the best time to exercise is between iftar and Suhur. "The best time to exercise is before or after iftar in three to four hours," "The body has digested food comfortably without the problem of indigestion."

However, it is preferable during Ramadan to exercise for maximum one hour, and indoor, in a well ventilated and air-conditioned place, to avoid fainting or feeling dizzy.