Fashion Crisis in Ramadan Series

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Helena Saadeh


Fashion Crisis in Ramadan Series

Fashion designer Mahmoud Ghali, who handles the fashion design for Yasmine Sabri and Wafa Amer among other stars, revealed that he had withdrawn from the series "Hikayti".  

According to a number of reports, Ghali said that the agreement was to give the series 55 dresses to be worn during the filming of the series to be recovered after filming, but what happened was the opposite, after filming they sent him only 40 dresses, and found that the remaining 15 were cut during the events, without his approval.

The designer also revealed that the agreement mentioned that his name and special thanks to him will feature at the beginning and end of every episode, but was surprised to have his name only at the end, and the agreed funds were not sent, so he decided to withdraw from the series.

The series "Hikayti" by Mohamed Abdel Muti, directed by Ahmed Samir Farag and participated in his starring alongside Yasmine Sabri Wafa Amer, Edward, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Ahmed Hatem, Ahmed Badir, Tamer Shaltut, Nehal Anbar.