Interview with Nesreen Tafesh

Janine Ayoub


Interview with Nesreen Tafesh


The Syrian actress shares with us her success and her dreams.

Last spring, you took part in the series Makamat el 3oshek, what can you tell us about this unprecedented experience?

Makamat l 3oshek tells the story of the Muslim Andalusian scholar, mystic, poet and philosopher Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi whose works have become very influential beyond the Muslim world. Also known as Shaykh al-Akbar (the Greatest Master), he preached peace and forgiveness. His wisdom has a lot to offer us in the modern world in terms of understanding what it means to be human.

We believe it was a hard task portraying Oum el Hosn?

Indeed, Oum el Hosn is the narrator who accompanies us throughout the series, from youth to 95 years with dancing and singing. This complex character juggles between different states of mind, a real challenge for any actor especially for me who likes to take risks and go into the unknown.

What can you tell us about your first collaboration with Youssef el Khal?

Youssef is an ultra-charismatic, elegant actor with exceptional artistic sensibility. I am happy to share this first experience with him on the small screen, besides I welcome all Lebanese-Syrian collaborations, I am someone who promotes the mix in the production even if sometimes the local productions are very relevant.

You also launched Soul Forum as part of your personal development training?

Indeed, it's been almost 10 years since I first started my training in personal development, I was followed by precursors in the matter in the Arab world such as Ibrahim Ferre. I received a certificate from the Egyptian-Canadian Association as a certified coach but my artistic career prevented me from following this path. Today, after 10 years of training, I felt it was time to share my experience. We are four friends behind Soul Forum, each specialized in her field, and myself as an actress I share my experience and the challenges I had to overcome to get where I am now, at peace with myself with a positive, unshakeable attitude. This project started in Algeria, we will soon be in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and other countries of the Arab world.

What beauty routine do you follow?

As you know, actresses are often exposed to the spotlight, to tons of layers of makeup and of course, to fatigue. There is no magic routine, I tried all the latest beauty technologies like laser, PRP injections, etc. and I can assure you that all of this can be beneficial but secondary. Nothing replaces a balanced diet, a night of good sleep, and serenity. In fact, stress damages the skin and breaks down collagen, just like UV rays, alcohol and tobacco. After adopting good habits, I follow basic routines such as never going out without sunscreen, or falling asleep without carefully removing my makeup and putting a nourishing serum.

How do you protect your privacy while being active on social networks?

Social networks, whether we like it or not, are now a big part of our daily lives. It's about knowing how to use them correctly. I draw the limits myself while remaining interactive with my audience who like to follow my latest news, my looks, my travels. Celebrity is above all a responsibility, as a committed artist, I invest all my notoriety in sharing values ​​and awareness. As an influencer, I show positive energy on my page and I try to set a good example to follow.


Nesreen Tafesh after fame?

Much more mature, wise, strict and cautious when needed. I did not let myself be dazzled by glitter but I learned to stay free.

Nesreen Tafesh’s plans for this summer?

Going on vacation with my parents who live in the Netherlands, then a relaxing break with my friends and to close the summer, I planned a detox and yoga break in Thailand before a new season full of surprises!

Nesreen Tafesh in five years?

Today I am a heart to take, but in five years I imagine myself married and fulfilled in my life as a mother, obviously always passionate about my career and probably going around the world as much as possible!

Nesreen Tafesh in a song?

Hayati of Assala Nasri, a good dose of positive energy that says ... "The most beautiful thing in my life is that I live without worrying about anything."