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Nina Abdel Malak: the New Face of Fenty Beauty

She was handpicked by Fenty Beauty

Helena Saadeh


Nina Abdel Malak: the New Face of Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty has just added Lebanese Nina Abdel Malak to the series of its Fenty faces worldwide. With over 2.1 million followers on Instagram alone, our star was handpicked by Fenty Beauty to be an exclusive ambassador for the brand. In the role, she will be tasked with creating and being featured in social media content alongside campaigns around the world this year. “When Fenty Beauty first launched, I was really excited about the products. We wanted products like that in the industry – diverse shades range, highlighters that pop. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of Rihanna! Being a part of her beauty brand is such an honor,” says Abdel Malak.

Nina Abdel Malak became famous after her participation in reality TV show, Star Academy Arabia she has since shot to fame on Instagram and YouTube covering famous songs with her own style.. “Fenty Beauty has changed the way I think about beauty. The brand’s global approach of inclusivity and passion to excel truly resonates with me. I’m someone who believes in always being true to oneself and being proud of who I am regardless of what everyone might think. Fenty Beauty speaks my voice and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Fenty Family,” concludes Abdel Malak.