How to have natural thicker lips?

Tips from the experts

Helena Saadeh


How to have natural thicker lips?

1. Exfoliate

Because a beautiful mouth is synonymous with soft and silky lips, exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush to eliminate dead skin while promoting blood circulation. 

2. Highlight outlines with a pencil

With a light-colored lip pencil, highlight the outline of the lips with special emphasis on cupid's bow.

3. Delimit the outlines

With a foundation and a flat brush, create a clean line to highlight the contour of the lips.

4. Bet on two shades of lipsticks

For a pulpy effect, layer two shades of lipstick: a first for the edge of the lips of nude color and a lighter for the center of the mouth.

5. Finish with gloss

For more volume and a dewy effect, apply a slightly iridescent gloss.